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Here's what our THDA Alumni have to say...

Kierrah Flipping

"Krystle, you have no idea how thankful I am for you! Your course is so easy to follow and practical. I simply LOVE the quick reference guides, they help when I start to over think and just need a quick reminder to get me back on track with my thoughts. I now feel more confident in providing readings and I’ve actually learned more about myself through the process."

Nicole Towers

"The course was such a beautiful balance of educational knowledge, practical learning and support. I’ve attracted the most aligned clients because I’m now doing what lights me up and I have already made back the investment in the course from doing Human Design readings... THDA is by far my favourite course that I’ve ever taken!" 

April Santo Domingo

"Krystle’s approach to teaching is so down to earth and easy to understand. She creates such a safe space for you to ask any questions, and trust me, there a lot because of how complex it all seems at first! In just a few weeks, I was already able to begin creating my own Human Design blueprints for my clients and comfortably explaining it so that it was impactful and inspiring."

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About Krystle


Krystle is a Human Design Teacher & Guide who has served 100's of soul clients and students from 25+ countries around the world. She's a go-to expert on YouTube, known for her clear, easy-to-understand and empowering approach to Human Design.

In true 1/3 fashion, Krystle studied with a wide range of Human Design teachers and mentors including Jenna Zoe, Chetan Parkyn and Karen Curry Parker. She continues to make discoveries as a forever student of Human Design.

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