3 Things I’m Doing Before The New Year As A Projector Entrepreneur!

projectors in business Dec 14, 2022

There are more practical things other than naps and bubble baths that will help you kick-off the New Year with more clarity and energy than ever in your business. 


I mean - I do love my naps and bubble baths. Don't get me wrong! But as a business owner, let's be real. These aren't going to be the game changers that help you succeed.


We hear all the time that Projectors need to slow down and honor their energy. But how exactly is one supposed to do that, and what does that even look like?!


Well today, I'm going to give you a back-stage pass into 3 end-of-the-year things I'm doing to ease out of a season of hustle and bring clarity, organization and calm, so that I can welcome the New Year with more intention and confidence.


Let's begin!


1️⃣ Blocked off my Calendar to create more space.


The first thing I did back in November to prepare for the end of the year, was that I made sure to create mental and physical space for December by blocking off my calendar for any new client work or projects. This means that this month, I accept no new readings or mentorship clients, and no launches.


This month is specifically for rejuvenation, wrapping up loose ends, decluttering and planning and prepping for 2023, so that my future actions are aligned and intentional. It's creating intentional freedom.


Can't you already feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders just thinking about it?


I used to fear “doing less” and losing out on potential income but this no longer scares me, because whenever I take a step back, I gain the clarity and energy to move forward with more confidence. My creativity just bursts at the seams during these times too, and ironically I always end up going on creation sprees as soon as I inform that I'm taking a step back.


Disclaimer: I acknowledge my privilege because my business is now at a financially sustainable point and I can “afford” to — that said, I’ve also learned with very little resources how to budget and keep my expenses low for these times, even when I wasn’t earning as much as I did now!


Anyways, taking intentional time to do less, especially during this time of the year, cultivates more clarity and creativity to move forward in the right direction. To each their own, but ending the year with calm and clarity is how I desire to set the tone going into the new year — it’s a gift to myself!


If you haven't already blocked it off and you want to, give yourself permission to do it NOW! 


2️⃣ Planning for the New Year earlier than a week before the year end.


The last 2 years of my business, I left dreaming and planning for the last week of the month, and well into January. It always left me frazzled and rushed heading into the new year.


I remember last year, it didn't even hit me that my daughter was going to be out of school for almost 3 weeks, so I didn't even have "me time" to sit down and relax and hear myself think over the holidays. 


We sometimes tend to underestimate or forget to consider how much time we actually need to plan as solo-business owners at a pace that allows you to really feel into things from a place that feels good.


However this year, because I created intentional space to do so, it's the first year I've been able to start planning early — and I can actually feel so much more clear and strategic with what’s coming up next. When you plan early, you can planning from a space of fun and expansion, rather from a place of obligation and urgency.


This year I got to dream things up for my community while watching cheesy holiday movies on Netflix (because my daughter is still in school!). PLUS it's so much less stress on my nervous system, and I'm not pre-holiday stress eating or skipping out on the gym because I've averted the chaos this time around.


AND I'll be starting the year with clear steps right off the bat.


I’m all for winging it at times and letting things flow, but there’s a level of comfort and clarity (and calmness in the nervous system) that can’t be replaced when you have a strategy and flexible plan. You SAVE energy when you have some structure and you’re not running around like chicken with their head cut off.


This space for strategy and planning is important for any business owner in the long-term game, and honestly it’s taken me 3 years to get to this point. So if you’re not quite there and messy action is what’s keeping you moving forward, that’s okay too.


3️⃣ Invested more into my business' sustainability.


If there's one thing I've learned as a Projector - it's the importance of investing in sustainability and your long-term game. Sure fast wins sound so cool to put in your IG bio, but whatever happened to taking your time in building a business that truly supports you and your energy too?


I've talked about this before in my YouTube video on how I built a six-figure online business as a Projector Entrepreneur, but for me, part of creating long-term sustainability means investing in my organic long-term marketing strategy by building marketing assets that bring compounding returns over time.


In other words, taking advantage of SEO-friendly platforms such as YouTube, Blogs and Pinterest where my content has a long shelf life (i.e. it doesn't expire 24 hours after I post) and also helps others find me for YEARS to come! 


...Because I'm not here to play the algorithm race on Instagram - been there, done that, and nopeee!


What investing in sustainability means for me this year is that I've hired a new Pinterest Strategist & Manager to help setup The Human Design Academy on Pinterest! If you need recommendations, I'm working with the incredible Dominique Dunlop - which we're actually setting up today on the day of writing this post!


AND as you can see, I've finally gone ahead and launched our Blog this month which has been a dream of mine since I started my business.


Both are SEO-friendly marketing assets.


(Honestly I love writing because it’s a way I can dump out all my brain content and organize it in a way that I wish it was in my mind 😂 which makes it super therapeutic too!)


You see this year, I continued to see that I could still exceed my goals with minimal time on Instagram (averaging 1 post/week, and often I went WEEKS without posting) and by simply leveraging YouTube and my email list. In fact, 95% of my clients find me through YouTube.


That wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t start my YouTube Channel about two years ago, and as a “lazy entrepreneur” I want to continue to double down on expanding reach through SEO and long-form content creating what I love.


As Projectors, I think it's so important to stop idealising faster, quicker, easier. 


Because the truth is there's no secret pill here.

Sustainable growth takes TIME!


So, how can you invest in the long-term sustainable growth of your business so that YOU feel supported?


It doesn't have to be YouTube, Blogging or Pinterest by any means. It can also look like creating an Affiliate Program for your products/services, or other Community Building Initiatives, for example.


Tap into that Strategy & Authority to feel into what you're most drawn to!


Final Thoughts


As Projector Entrepreneurs, we have to be even smarter with how we manage our time and our energy. So why not take some intentional space and time to set yourself up for just that. If not now, then when?


The end-of-the-year is the perfect time give yourself permission to create intentional space for planning and setting the foundations for even more sustainability in your business.


This has been by far, one of my favourite forms of practice self-care!


Slowing down shouldn't be feared. When you're intentional with slowing down, it can be refreshing and expansive.