The Founder and Dreamer behind The Human Design Academy. 

The Human Design Academy (THDA) was initiated through various invitations from my clients and community...

Through my work as a Human Design Reader & Guide, THDA was initiated through various invitations from my clients and community who deeply resonated with my clear, concise and down-to-earth style of delivering Human Design. Eventually, my Splenic Authority gave me the hit that it was time to expand and create a learning environment to help others learn and live their Human Design!


From here, it's evolved into an educational and transformational space for all your personal Human Design needs. THDA offers everything you need to kick-off your Human Design experiment as a beginner to exploring the depths beyond the surface level - from Free Educational Resources, Digital Guides, Customized Blueprints, 1:1 Readings & Mentorships and Self-Study Courses.

My story really began with my desire to experience more for myself...

As a 1/3 Splenic Projector born and bred in Toronto, Canada. I was brought up in a typical, huge Filipino family (I am the oldest of 5 siblings and have 30+ first cousins!) I didn’t come from a place of privilege and grew up in a small one-bedroom apartment with my dad, step-mom and 2 brothers.

Like many of you, I was trying to follow the linear path we were taught in order to have a "better" more abundant life. Go to a good university, graduate, get a job, save, get married, buy a home retire. Yet it seemed like every time I tried to follow script, life always had other plans. I would push hard, and the universe would push back even harder. That being said, the challenges I have encountered have shaped me into the person I am today and I am thankful for what they have taught me!


I have always been a Sagittarius at heart- truth seeker, life-long learner and deep thinker with an unquenchable desire to find the patterns in different philosophies and how everything in this world interconnects. My Sagittarius spirit is also where I got my love for travel! In 2016, after feeling lost and unfulfilled, I left my comfortable, steady corporate life behind and set out looking for purpose and adventure. I wanted to travel and learn a new language, so I decided to move to Barcelona and teach English there. This is where I met my incredibly supportive husband and not too long after, became pregnant with my beautiful daughter.

Human Design found me at a time when I was dabbling through many different jobs and business attempts.

For as long as I could remember, I always struggled with knowing "what I wanted to do" when I grew up. I majored in Accounting at Ryerson University and dabbled in different jobs throughout my 20s, including fitness coach, drop-shipping, handmade crystal jewelry shop owner and accounting. After several years working in the corporate world of accounting as a CPA, I decided it was time to make a change.

During that transition away from the corporate world and into full-time entrepreneurship, I (gratefully) tumbled across Human Design. It was a practical system that allowed me to explore a lot of different spiritual concepts, yet also tangibly facilitate a transformation for myself and other people. I knew I had found something special because I was completely obsessed! Since then, my goal has been to help others find themselves, discover their own truth and do my part in raising Collective consciousness in a way that feels aligned and meaningful.

Simply put, I believe we all have unique gifts that are meant to change the world in little and big ways.

The trick is to find out what they are and channel them in a way that feels natural and good. This is where HD works it’s life-altering magic! Through it, I was able to find my purpose and I truly believe you can too. I want to help you create a future in which you are following your passions, working in a way that brings you abundance and having a lot of freakin’ fun while doing it! My vision is to open your eyes to the value and impact you are meant to create, all the while sticking to your authenticity and truth.

I'm on a mission

The joy I get from sharing my passions and lessons with others are never-ending because I know how liberating and empowering this journey has been for me! It’s my mission to show you there are so many paths you can take besides the ones that have been taught to you by society or your past. I want you to truly understand and believe that you are deserving of all the good you want in your life, no matter where you have been or where you are now. The challenges you have faced and will continue to face are meant to strengthen you and help you grow into the successful, magnetic, dynamic being I know you truly are.

"When you live your true differentiated self, there is nothing to look for - everything is there." - Ra Uru Hu

We're all about

Community, Collaboration, Kindness, Open-Mindedness & Acceptance.

We're not about

Dogmatic Attitudes, Competition,  Disempowerment & Unconstructive Criticism. 

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