Manifesting-Generator Strategy: To Inform Or Not To Inform?

human design foundations human design manifesting-generator Dec 16, 2022

One of the many "debates" you might see in the Human Design world is around the Manifesting-Generator (MG) Strategy.


Is it "to respond" or "to respond and inform" or some other variation, and why??


As a Human Design Teacher, I felt compelled to nerd out, explore and write about this to explain my rational and reasoning for why I teach it the way I do. Because ultimately, I want you to be informed as a Human Design student and do what you feel is correct for you!


Background: I’ve been trained by many different teachers, both IHDS and non-IHDS alike. I’ve even been called to start my 3-year Professional Analyst journey this coming January with the IHDS after being 3x certified and trained in other non-traditional schools. So I can totally understand the concern of misinformation and wanting to maintain the integrity of the work with Human Design growing in popularity. At the same time, I feel so unaligned with the HD dogma, harsh rules and interpretations (as well as fear mongering and shame) I see floating around on Social Media which is part of why I feel it's important to at least discuss some of the informational "conflicts".


So back to MG Strategy.


What is the MG Strategy?


The more traditional schools of Human Design (i.e. materials by Ra Uru Hu and the IHDS) currently teach that the MG Strategy is simply “to respond” because they have the same Open & Enveloping Aura as a Generator.


You may come across plenty of discourse that MG's do not need to inform, because they DO NOT have a Closed & Repelling Aura like a Manifestor, but rather an Open and Enveloping aura like a Pure Generator.


On the other hand, non-traditional Human Design teachers such as Karen Curry Parker have generally taught MG Strategy as “to respond and inform” due to the specific mechanical characteristics similar to Manifestors.


If you're not familiar with the aura mechanics, what makes an MG different from a Pure Generator is the fact that they have a motor center connected to the Throat via a defined channel. This is the same mechanical characteristic that makes a Manifestor a Manifestor. However, since the MG also has a Defined Sacral Center, they are considered a Generator Type.


So since both Manifestors and MG's have a motor to throat, they share a certain quickness and ease for "manifesting" through action and communication. In these cases (and in my opinion), informing can be extremely useful in keeping open communication in any interpersonal relationships.


Which of these is "correct"?


If we define correct as what's published in IHDS materials and the Definitive Book of Human Design written by Ra Uru Hu and Lynda Bunnell then to respond would be the "official" Strategy.


That said, after much of my Line 1 investigation, the latter (i.e. to respond and inform) as taught by one of Ra's former students Karen Curry Parker - who is one of the mentor's I've learned from, absolutely makes a lot of sense to me as well. Here's why:


In some of Ra’s original work prior to Jovian Archive and the IHDS, which you can see published in Human Design Revealed by Zeno who was the first to help Ra bring Human Design to America and in the Black Book, there was no “Type & Strategy” but rather two modes:


1. “To Do"

When there is motor connected to the throat by a defined channel. This included what we now know as Manifestors and Manifesting-Generators.


2. “To Wait”

When there is no motor connection to the throat. This instance did not include MG's, but what we now know as Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.



Based on this and my understanding of the aura mechanics, I've understood the motor connection to the Throat mechanics as certainly having an impact on how the MG energy is lived and experienced, regardless of the fact that they do not have a "closed & repelling" aura as some may argue.


Having the a Motor connected to the Throat by a defined channel IS the mechanics of a Manifestor, and therefore why wouldn't this be considered in the Strategy for MG's? Where do the "open and enveloping" and "closed and repelling" aura characteristics come from if not from the mechanics itself? As far as I know, this was not a direct transmission from the Voice, but rather keynotes given by Ra based on the mechanics itself.


This is one of the reasons why in THDA and in my own teachings and readings, I’ve personally teach this nuance to as a part of the Manifesting-Generator Strategy.


Is it the same way that IHDS teaches?

To be transparent, no.


Is informing a part of the Strategy?

Depends. Based on current IHDS materials, no. Based on Karen Curry Parker's Quantum Human Design along with quite a few other non-traditional materials, yes.


Does it make sense to inform when they have a motor to the throat?

For me personally, yes!


Other questions I’ve also considered in challenging myself…

  • Is the “original” transmission/material what was published prior to Ra joining hands to IHDS and Jovian Archive, or after? Why and how has it evolved?
  • Is what is currently taught as IHDS and Jovian Archive as “the one and only” true Human Design?
  • Why would it be considered totally “wrong” to inform if MG’s do have mechanical characteristics like a Manifestor?

So as you can see, there are so many questions to consider and no clear cut answer!


Personal Experience with Manifesting-Generators


From my personal experience with working with many MG’s, I’ve learned that the informing is extremely helpful, especially in maintaining harmony in their relationships. It's definitely not something I receive much pushback on, and it’s also very much in line with what’s recommended in Ra’s previous works with Zeno and his first publication, as a being thats in fact designed “to do”.


It may not be Human Design as it’s currently (“officially”) taught by the IHDS, but I would argue that it’s not necessarily incorrect nor harmful either.


In any case, I would never preach what I believe as the truth. I totally hear the argument against informing. I don't think there's anything wrong with not informing if you're an MG, if that's what you feel works for you!


As a Teacher, I simply want you to be informed of why you might see differences in the Human Design space, and understand both sides of the story and why.


I don’t want you to follow me blindly, but also explore for yourself what you feel is in integrity to you, and what you feel is most impactful and helpful for your clients.


Because I feel like that’s what matters at the end of the day!


I’d love to hear your opinions on this debate in the comments! 👇

Do you feel informing should/shouldn't be included in MG's Strategy? Do you feel MG’s benefit from informing? Do you inform yourself as an MG? Why?