Check out THDA's Selection of Digital Blueprints & Aura Guides to help you on your Human Design journey.


Check out THDA's Selection of Self-Study Courses, Course Bundles & Aura Guides to help you on your Human Design journey

Self-Study Workshops, Digital Guides & Blueprints

Learn Human Design in the comforts of your own home, and at your own pace.

55+ Page Customized Human Design Blueprint

Get your hands on our most detailed report, where you'll uncover deep insights from your unique chart, including your aura type, decision-making process, unique traits, strengths, potential challenges, role and life path trajectory on your soul's journey! You'll also discover strategies and techniques to unleashing your highest potential.

Customized HD Blueprint (55+ Pages)


APRIL S. (@aprilsbeautifulmess)

In just a few weeks, I was already able to begin creating my own Human Design blueprints for my clients and comfortably explaining it so that it was impactful and inspiring!

I would 100% recommend working Krystle and her Human Design Academy whether you’re a newbie or someone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Human Design! She will not only show you how to bring out the best in yourself, but for your future clients as well!

NICOLE T. (@nicoletowers_)

I’ve attracted the most aligned clients because I’m now doing what lights me up and I've already made back the investment in the course from doing Human Design Readings. 

I’ve studied a lot, taken a lot of courses and have a double degree but THDA is by far my favourite course that I’ve ever taken and I was so excited to receive my certification. Thank you so much Krystle for this amazing program that you have created!

FREE Decode Your Design Cheat Sheet

In this 21-page Human Design Cheat Sheet, you'll get the low-down on the 5 most important chart aspects within the Human Design Chart, so that you can start unlocking the wisdom of your unique design and align to your most authentic being!