A Beginner's Guide to Human Design: What is Human Design?

human design foundations Dec 12, 2022

Have you suddenly been hearing all the buzz around Human Design, and now you want to know more? Well, you're in the right place because I'm going to tell you everything you need to know as a newbie to this fascinating system!



How I First Discovered Human Design


I was first introduced to Human Design by my very first Business Coach at a time I was exhausted, lost and fresh in the world of entrepreneurship. So when she told me that my Human Design could tell me about my energy type and how I'm designed to work -- I was intrigued to say the least!


I went straight to Jovian Archive's Free Chart Calculator and pulled up my Human Design Chart using my birth date, time and place of birth just like I did when I pulled up my natal chart. 


The only thing I really gathered from that first interaction was that I was a type called a "Projector". So off to Google I went to learn more... and when I discovered that Projectors don't have access to consistent energy, so many things just made so much sense!


For example: I learned that Projectors often find themselves exhausted and burned out, and feel a sense of shame for being unable to keep up in the traditional working world. This was me to a "T" and why I left my draining job at a Big Four Accounting Firm after 3 years.


I later decided started to dive even deeper into the rabbit hole, and fell even more in love with the Human Design System. Not only because of how scarily accurate my chart (and my entire family’s charts were), but because I realized how powerful of an energy management, self-knowledge and self-empowerment tool it is.


It's helped me in so many ways, from helping me understand my strengths and gifts more clearly to helping me become more discerning and confident in my decisions as a leader. It's most importantly helped me navigate burnout and optimize my energy, among so many other things!


So, now that you know have a bit of context of how Human Design has impacted my life, let's get into the details!


What is Human Design?


The Human Design System a.k.a the Science of Differentiation, is a self-discovery system founded by Alan Krakower (also known as Ra Uru Hu) in 1987. It’s a synthesis of both ancient esoteric systems and modern exoteric sciences:


  • Astrology
  • Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System
  • Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • Chinese I'Ching
  • Quantum Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics


Unlike a lot of self-discovery systems and tools that emphasize heavily on the awareness aspect, what makes Human Design truly unique is that it's extremely practical and provides you with specific tools that you can apply to live out your unique potential. In other words, it provides you with a road map to actually living out this uniqueness.


These tools, based in your unique Human Design Type, help you learn how to use your energy in the most effective and efficient way possible. They also help you make the most authentic and aligned decisions possible. We like to say in Human Design that ultimately, it’s an experiment to be lived in order to truly experience the transformation that can be offered through Human Design.


Honestly, what initially drew me to it, was the fact that it was another way to learn about myself. I’ve always been obsessed with Astrology, the MBTI, the Enneagram, Clifton Strengths, and all those types of tests prior to finding Human Design. So if you love personality tests and discovering more about yourself, you will absolutely love Human Design as well!

Why Should You Learn Human Design? What Can It Do For You?


We live in this information age and hustle culture where life is moving so incredibly fast. Many of us are pushed to work past our physical limits, we’re flooded with information and handed down narratives and scripts on how we “should” live life or the pace that we should live life.


We adapt ways of life and make decisions based on what we think we should do, rather than what our souls truly desire. This is why so many people end up burned out or face some kind of existential crisis, or BOTH!


This noise around us often causes us to become so disconnected from ourselves. So, Human Design is a tool that helps us cut through all the noise, connect back to our personal flow and discern what’s meaningful and truthful for us. It helps us put the plug back into our Higher Self, or our Authentic Self, and this is where our fulfillment truly lies.


Again, it’s the disconnect from living out our truth and trying to live someone else’s, that creates so much resistance in the form of frustration, anger, bitterness or disappointment, which all can lead to burnout.


What Human Design does, is it acts as your permission slip and cheat sheet to doing things in ways that are authentic to you!


What Are The Benefits of Human Design?


Human Design is the one system that seriously benefits you in every single area in your life from your personal development, your career and even your relationships. Here are just some of the many benefits you get to experience by learning and experimenting with Human Design:


  • You'll learn to navigate (and avoid) burnout, and optimize your energy.
  • You'll gain more clarity and confidence in your decisions.
  • You'll learn how to discern what truly matters to you, and align to your most authentic path.
  • You'll learn about your natural strengths and gifts, as well as potential challenges and wisdom.
  • You'll learn how to navigate potential challenges and live out your highest potential.
  • You'll discover what career paths may be the most ideal for you, and what may not.
  • You'll experience more harmony and understanding in your relationships.


As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't until I actually started to “experiment” with Human Design and actually live my design, I saw my energy and my life transform before my eyes. It's through your experiment that you truly reap the benefits of Human Design.


Personally, I went from a confused, overwhelmed, broke and burnt out entrepreneur, to building a profitable and spacious business without the burnout. And it was primarily because through Human Design, I learned how to cut out the noise around me and trust and lead myself in so many areas of my life, including my business and my relationships.


Overall, when you experiment with Human Design, you begin to move through life with more flow and less resistance. The right opportunities come into your life with more ease. You open up the path of least resistance.



How does Human Design work? What makes it effective?


Okay so I’m going to try to give you the cliff’s notes version of how Human Design works without trying to bore you!


It’s very similar to Astrology, in the sense that we’re essentially influenced and programmed by star dust, which in Human Design we call neutrinos


These tiny particles which come from the stars, including the Sun, pass through matter like people, planets, other celestial bodies like the moon and the nodes etc. and collect certain archetypal characteristics and information from everything that it passes through.


At the time of conception and the time of our birth, these celestial bodies that are sitting in certain places in the sky that essentially “fix” or “imprint” on to us, particular energies that are passing through them. 


This imprinting (via what we call the crystals of consciousness) create our energetic being, or energetic signature and essentially the building blocks of who we are. This is what influences the consistent energies we have access to, and also where we’re more open and susceptible to outside conditioning. 


Some even like to describe our Human Design Chart as the mapping of our genetic code, due to the parallels found between the human genetic code and the 64 hexagrams in Human Design. 


Overall, I think what makes Human Design so effective is that it's not just a collection of esoteric information. But like I said, it’s also so logical and practical with its tools. It’s an experiment. It’s not something that you have to believe, it’s not a religion. It’s just something that you try for yourself. It’s hard to argue against the system, when you actually experience transformation as you live your experiment! What's there to lose?


Where Should You Start to Understand Your Chart?


When it comes to the Human Design System, it can definitely look confusing and intimidating the first time you pull your chart. 


So, before you overwhelm yourself with all the information or go down the rabbit hole, the first thing that I recommend you dive into and understand is your Type & Strategy.


What are the Types?


In Human Design, there are 4 different Types of Auras. Each Type carries unique energetic characteristics, and has a particular Strategy that teaches you how you best interact with the world and leverage your energy in the most optimal way possible for you. Your Strategy is the first step to getting into alignment with your most authentic path and personal truth.


Generators & Manifesting-Generators (67%)


Generators are known as the great builders of humanity due to their sustainable energy and endurance, which they gain access to when follow what they love. With this sustainable energy, they have a gift of being able to achieve mastery of their work. There are also two sub-types: Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators. The Generator Strategy is "to respond".

Watch this video to learn more about the Generator Aura Type & Strategy!

Watch this video to learn more about the Manifesting-Generator Aura & Strategy!


Manifestor (10%)


Manifestors are the innovators, and are known for their ability to impact as they have a very powerful presence and aura. They're independent and value autonomy, and can get angry or resentful when they feel like someone is trying to control them. The Manifestor Strategy is "to inform" and initiate.

Watch this video to learn more about the Manifestor Aura Type & Strategy!


Projector (22%)


Projectors are the newest of the Types, that came into existence in 1781 and make up around 22% of the population. They are insightful and intuitive beings with a big picture view on life, with focused auras that can deeply penetrate others. This gives them the gift of seeing the gifts and potential of others, which is also what makes them incredible guides.

Projectors are here to be wise about the use of energy and show the rest of us new ways of working as we shift into a new paradigm. The Projector Strategy is "to wait for recognition and the invitation".

Watch this video to learn more about the Projector Aura Type & Strategy!


Reflector (1%)


Reflectors are known as the mirrors, because their role is to reflect back to us how we're doing as individuals and as a society. They're sensitive and wise, and have the ability to sample other people's auras around them. This resilient and sampling aura provides them with the gift of deeply understanding others as if they were them. The Reflector Strategy is "to wait a lunar cycle".

Watch this video to learn more about the Reflector Aura & Strategy!


How Can I Learn More About My Chart & Human Design? 


When it comes to learning more about Human Design, I recommend foundational books such as The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu and Human Design: Discover The Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn (one of my mentors!).


You can also take advantage of my awesome Free Cheat Sheet for you to start decoding your design.


Lastly, the easiest way (and IMO best way) to really understand your chart is to book a chart reading with a Human Design Reader. No study and wasting time required because they'll do this for you! It's also quite a beautiful experience having your soul's map being reflected back to you.


P.S. You can do this by booking a reading directly with me or with one of THDA's Certified Readers!


Final Words


What Human Design teaches us, is that we are all unique and we are all designed perfectly for what we came here to experience in our lifetime. 


There is no “good” or “bad” type. There is no design that necessarily has more probability of wealth, success and happiness.


It teaches us that the key to our most fulfilled and satisfied/successful/peaceful/surprise-filled lives is to follow our personal truth and live as our Authentic Selves. This journey begins with learning to understand yourself and love yourself for your uniqueness - and stop forcing yourself to be who you're not.


Ultimately, Human Design offers you the roadmap to navigating resistance and living out the highest potential of who you came here to be. Are you in for the experiment?