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Ultimate Human Design Training Bundle

The Ultimate Human Design Training Bundle is a comprehensive self-paced training program designed to help you master the fundamentals of the Human Design System.

Through this value-packed bundle, you'll be able to explore and integrate your own design, dive into the depths of any Human Design Chart and kick-start your journey into giving Human Design Readings for your clients, family or friends.

This course is perfect for Human Design enthusiasts wanting a self-paced deep dive into Human Design and their own experiment, especially Coaches and Service-Providers who wish to learn Human Design to elevate their client services.

What you'll get:

Human Design Fundamentals: Level 1

  • Module 1: Human Design Foundations
  • Module 2: Energy Type
  • Module 3: Strategy
  • Module 4: Authority
  • How to Experiment with Human Design

Human Design Fundamentals: Level 2

  • Module 5: Energy Centers
  • Module 6: Deconditioning
  • Module 7: Definition
  • Module 8: Lines & Profiles
  • Module 9: The 12 Profiles

Human Design Fundamentals: Level 3

  • Module 10: Circuitry
  • Module 11: The 64 Gates
  • Module 12: The 36 Channels
  • Module 13: Energetic Connections
  • Module 14: Incarnation Cross

Foundational Training: Human Design Readings

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Human Design Readings
  • Lesson 2: How to Structure a Human Design Reading
  • Lesson 3: Using Human Design in Your Coaching Practice

Bonus Materials

  • The Human Design Integration Journal (Digital Journal)
  • The 9 Centers Guide (E-Book)

Courses Include

  • Video Modules
  • Interactive Learning Activities
  • Downloadable Slides
  • Supplementary Learning Materials
  • Level 1-3 THDA Student Manuals

Disclaimer: This is a 100% Self-Paced Human Design Training Program, and is not a Certification Program. However, there is the option to carry over this credit towards enrollment into our Certification Program if you choose to enroll at a future date. For details on our THDA’s Human Design Reader Certification, please visit this page.